How do I attach my wings to the fixture?
Removable wings have many advantages. The disadvantage is that if you don’t know how to put it together, all you see at first are poles and question marks. But here is a detailed explanation of how it works.

Why aren’t the bars pre-bent? Then I would have to charge larger boxes and a surcharge for bulky goods, which would be 30 euros more. Since the wings should remain affordable and you can bend them in the direction you want anyway, this is the best solution.

Why not just include instructions? For environmental reasons, I would like to avoid unnecessary paper use.


The wings all come with a tunnel. The tunnel shape determines the shape of the wire

The poles are as long as the fabric tunnels. This is how you can tell which pole belongs to what. The rods always have the length of the tunnel +/- 1cm

Carefully bend the rods into the shape of the tunnels. Some find the rods very easy to bend, others very difficult.

If the rods are bent correctly, the wing simply “flops” onto it. If not, you will have to use a little more force or bend the bar a little more. If they are bent correctly, no effort is required. 


Exception: With the Winx Classic Flora it is a little more difficult, but there are physical reasons

LNow you can bend the entire wing and set it up however you want it. 

Tip: Don’t bend back and forth too forcefully, otherwise the bar will break. Now carefully insert it into the back of your corsage or through the bra fastening for lingerie shoots. And done <3

The carrier variant

You don’t have a corsage or would you like to wear it like a backpack? No problem!

Simply tie a ribbon of your choice at the point on the poles where the bends to the wing are. Do this on both sides.

Bring the bands up over your back and then forward. Pull the ribbons under your arms and tie both ends in a bow at the back.

You can find further information about wearing options in the FAQ section and here on the wearing graphic below:.